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What's The Deal With Grocery Delivery?

 I've been shopping online myself for the past few years— ever since delivery became available in my neighborhood — and I have to say it's a definite improvement in my life. 

  No more having to fight the traffic, or push around a heavy cart for an hour... or waiting in line at the check out just for the privelige of having to unload the cart for ring up myself.  And let's not forget about lifting those heavy items in and out of the car...

 Now, all my groceries are delivered....and brought right to my kitchen table.  No more hauling 10 lb. bags of potatoes, huge sacks of dogfood, or that huge bag of canned goods on sale into the house.  All that heavy stuff is  lugged in for me!  I can take advantage of sales and buy in bulk now that I dont have to worry how I'm gonna get all this stuff into the car.

 It's a godsend for older folks, who may be infirm or have limited mobility. If you often pick up groceries for an elderly loved one, this could be a real time saver.  And did I tell you that you can get your groceries delivered to your office too?

Home delivery is totally great for those who live in upstairs apartments too.  I live ten flights up.  And when I open my door to see the delivery man laden with groceries hand picked just for me... well it feels just like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one!

The downside: They don't deliver to all areas. The good news is that they are adding new delivery areas all the time, so keep checking back.  If you find that there is delivery in your area, do yourself a favor and give it a try. It is well worth the effort  --Lou

Check the links below to see if there is delivery in your area.
 If you don't see your area,  click a link and you can enter your zipcode to see if your area has been recently added

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Q: Are the prices higher or lower?
A: We actually tested this out in Money magazine by dispatching shoppers with identical grocery lists to shop online — and in the stores — of eight cities across the country. We found the online bills to be, overall, about the same as they were in the store. We also found that it's easier to put your fingers on the items that are on sale, because they all pop up on the same page. And you're not as likely to give in to impulse purchases.

Q: Can you still use coupons?
A: Yes. With most companies, you give them to your driver and are credited for the difference.  And if you have a frequent-buyer card, you're eligible for those specials as well.

Q: How much time does it actually take?
A: It takes about an hour the first time you shop. That's because you're going to have to browse the (electronic) aisles and make out a whole list. 
After that first visit, though, you can call up lists of what you've purchased previously. Then you can just click on each thing you want to buy again, which is why subsequent trips take only 20 minutes or so.

Quality: Online grocers tend to offer a higher quality selection of produce because they know that one delivery of substandard produce is all it takes to lose you as a customer.  Products are generally packed in sturdy containers (some of which double as coolers, so that they can keep ice cream, for instance, frozen all along their routes).

Phone refunds: What happens when you've shopped in a store and you realize the milk is spoiled or the or there are some items missing? You don't have to grumble to yourself all the way back to the store, find a free checker and spend another 15 minutes trying to convice them that you are missing stuff. If you've shopped online, you just pick up the phone. A five-minute phone call will get you an instant credit for bruised peaches or cracked eggs.

Cheap Delivery charges!  Delivery fees range from $5 to $10.00 depending on amount purchased and/or delivery window chosen. (Most of the grocers have a minimum purchase for delivery, usually $40 or $50).

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More Delivery Areas
to be added soon!
Keep checking back

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