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About Us

Boca Java was founded out of the pursuit for the perfect cup of gourmet coffee. Try us and you'll know it's the best cup of coffee you'll ever taste!

Freshness Guarantee

Did you know that coffee is a fruit? And like most fruits, the fresher it is the better. Over 90% of coffee waiting to be sold in stores is stale. But not at BocaJava.com. We roast to order through our own innovative process. The coffee you order today, will be roasted-to-order, just for you?, and delivered direct to your door tomorrow! From the time coffee is roasted, it only stays fresh for 45 days. You can be sure that Boca Java gourmet coffee will arrive at the peak of freshness and is guaranteed with our "Roast-On-Date."

Only the Best Beans

A great cup of coffee begins with the finest beans. Boca Java uses only handpicked, specialty-grade Arabica beans. These beans are the top 8% of all beans harvested from the world's richest coffee producing regions known for their unparalleled flavor, aroma and taste.

Small Batch Roasts

Under-roasted coffee lacks fully developed flavor, while over-roasted coffee hides the true character of the gourmet bean. At Boca Java, we roast our beans in small batches to ensure even roasting and consistent quality. Then the beans are air-cooled to preserve the rich, robust flavor and deliver a smooth taste with every cup.

Awesome Taste Adventures

Whether your beverage of choice is coffee, tea, cocoa, or chai latte, Boca Java is your destination for the finest quality products from around the world. We have more than 30 delicious gourmet coffees for you to choose from. Our teas come in rich, exotic flavors and are hand picked from the world's finest gardens. We also have a stunning collection of customizable gift sets that include all of our products, perfect for any occasion.

Boca Java Connoisseur Club

You choose your coffee, delivery date and delivery frequency online.

The Butler reminds you via email that it's time to roast your next batch of coffee. You can change your Selections each time you order!

We roast and ship your coffee within 48 hours of your order processing!

Your Boca Butler delivers it to your door.

If you don't love our coffee, you can cancel your membership at anytime without any penalties or hidden charges. There are no obligations whatsoever!

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Try Gevalia Premium Coffee

Gevalia Coffees

Over 40 premium coffees, from intense dark roasts to exotic varietals (go ahead, put a little adventure in your cup).  Delivered directly to your home on the schedule you set, and backed by a simple guarantee - love your coffee, or it's free.

It's an idea that stretches all the way back to Victor Theodor Engwall, who started his trading company in the seaside town of Gävle, Sweden in 1853. Victor imported coffees he felt were among the world's finest. People agreed with him – his business took off, and Victor became the Royal Court of Sweden's official coffee purveyor.

We still handcraft Gevalia coffee in Gävle, Sweden. And yes, the Royal Court of Sweden still drinks Gevalia.

And since our promise is "coffee your way," our customers can always expect:

  • Variety – over 40 premium coffees and teas
  • Automatic delivery – direct to your home on a schedule you choose
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – on all our coffees and teas
  • Dedicated customer service


Coffee Clubs:

Gevalia Kaffe at Home

Enroll and select two 1/2 pound coffees from over 40 premium roasts and blends and we'll send along free gifts (like one of our famous Gevalia coffee makers) with your membership. Of course, you're always in control of your coffee delivery – and you'll love your coffee or it's free.

Limited Edition

Coffees among the rarest, most-sought-after in the world.

Seasonal Flavors

Seasonally inspired coffees that complement the essence and pure delight of each season.

Crown Collection

Our most prized boutique coffees only available in limited quantities.


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