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The Home Marketplace offers unique hard-to-find products and clever solutions for kitchen & home.

The Home Marketplace offers unique hard-to-find products and clever solutions for kitchen & home. Every item we sell -- from appliances and gadgets to decorations and storage -- is sure to delight your customers. Our products offer real value, and every purchase has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. An enormous selection from a company you can trust.

The Home Marketplace has it all, whether for Kitchen, Bath, Bedroom, Laundry, Garage, Garden, or Home Office. We have products your customers want. To simplify your life... in style!



Mirrored Runner and Place Mats
Dining by candlelight takes on a new glow, with our 18" long x 12" wide octagonal mats. Rubber feet protect your table. Set of 2. Matching 3-piece runner.



Oven Liner
With this revolutionary non-stick oven liner in place, spills and bubble-overs simply wipe away! No more smoky, baked-on mess! Designed to fit 30" ovens, then trims to fit smaller sizes. Toaster oven size available is 10 5/8" long x 8 1/4" wide. For gas stoves, place on bottom rack. Lasts for years. Dishwasher safe.


Lets Play Cards
You can turn almost any table into a gaming table, with these sure-grip felt covers that anchor under the table securely with elasticized edges. Square fits 34" - 36" square. Round fits 35" - 48" diameter. Extra-large fits 49" - 66" diameter round, hexagon, or octagonal tables. 100% acrylic felt; machine


Penny Candy
Surprise family and friends with the flavorful candy you enjoyed in your childhood. Necco? wafers feature eight flavors (10-ounces) and come in a collectible tin. Saltwater taffy assortment (14-ounces) features up to 15 different flavors and comes in a box perfect for giving or serving. A pound of penny candy includes favorites like Atomic Fireballs, candy necklaces, rock candy, Pixy Stix?, Bit-O-Honey?, and more.


I love My Chillow Pillow Insert
Are you constantly turning your pillow to find a cool spot? The revolutionary Chillow? pillow insert acts like a radiator for your body, absorbing and then dissipating body heat, and always staying cool to the touch. No refrigeration required! Helps relieve headaches, hot flashes, back pain, and sunburn. 21" long x 13 3/4" wide x 1/2" thick.


Bakery and Bread Bags
You bake with pride. Now give those crusty French loaves or homemade goodies in your own bags! Professional, food-safe, bakery-style bags are imprinted with a neat design and your name, all ready for eager hands (and mouths!). Specify name ; limit 1 line, 15 letters and spaces. Packs of 24. Ribbon not included.


7 Piece Wedge Placemat Set
Here's the perfect solution for setting a beautiful round or oval table. Includes six wedge-shaped mats, 19 1/2" wide x 13 3/4" high, and one round center placemat, 13 3/4" diameter. Machine washable polyester and cotton.


Extra Life? Food Fresh
You'll enjoy more fresh fruit and vegetables when you find you can keep produce fresher longer. Simply place this plastic food-safe disk in the crisper bin where it absorbs 97% of ethylene (a gas naturally produced by fruits and vegetables) adding days to the life of your produce. 3/4" high x 3 1/4" diameter. Lasts approximately 3 months.


Over Cabinet Towel Bar Set of 2
If you have a cabinet door, you've got space for this quick and simple stainless-steel towel rack. Just hang over the cabinet door and you've got a handy spot for towels, pot holders, and more! Rubber lined to protect your cabinets. 9 1/4" wide x 2 1/2" high.


Problem Solvers

Problem Solvers



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